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NODELLA®  The first machine, unique in its kind, capable of producing and qualitatively enhancing the Nodino di Mozzarella. It is now possible, through “delicate” but rapid manipulations of the product (FILATE PASTA), to obtain a knot with the typical succulence of Fior di Latte. And this is the amazement that is emerging among operators in the sector. Until now no one had tasted such a “soft” and “velvety” product.


  •  Supply of a knot in just 1.4 sec.
  • Constancy of the weight of the Nodino ± 5 g
  • Choice of format and degree of tension
  • Guarantee of quality and constancy in production
  • Production of mozzarella knots with high hygiene standards.
  • Guarantee of a more delicate product. Unlike the manual knotting in which the “throttling” of the pasta causes a loss of liquids, and therefore of weight and flavor, in the automatic knotting the loss of liquids is instead considerably reduced leaving a very creamy consistency inside the mozzarella.
  • Wide freedom to create variations of shape and size of the knot that would be impossible to make manually.
For information contact us: info@nodella.com