The first Filter-less Industrial Filter.

Preinvel is the first company to tackle the problem of industrial pollution with a disrupting Patented Filtering Technology; one that we built, tested and proved to be able to stop particles smaller than 1 micron.

Our solution does NOT involve any mechanical or electrical filters - thus, having zero maintenance cost.

With our product, emissions are filtered by an air flow; without using any mechanical or electrical filter.

Achieve Competitive Advantage.

Distinctive competitive advantage allows clients to reduce their plant’s cost dramatically, while improving their ecological footprint.


Thanks to a special design that exploits the laws of physics, when the exhaust-gas flows-through-our- device helped by a pump, it generates a vacuum that atracts dusts and pollutants, which are then conveyed into separate tanks by suitable “traps”:

- the MACRO POWDERS are conveyed in the first tank; to then be RECYCLED in the production process, thus reducing the consumption of raw materials and disposal costs.

- the MICRO POWDERS and POLLUTANTS, instead, are conveyed into a second tank; to then be inerted and used for other purposes, such as road foundation or insulating material.

maximum capacity (m3/h)
Filter sizes
- 10 X
Energy Consumption
- 90 X
Maintenance cost

Provide the Best Service for Sustainable.

Participate to change. choose sustainable progress